Free Virtual Classroom

Hello and welcome to the virtual classroom! Everything contained within this page is designed to turn any place at any time into a classroom so you can keep your child engaged in learning. In here we have videos that teach your child new crafts, games, songs and all sorts of other fun and intriguing things. There is a rotating list of printable worksheets to help with your child’s comprehension of the things they’re being taught, and check out our homework club to turn in assignments to Scuba Jack himself. Oh, and the best part is, everything contained in this page is absolutely FREE!

Homework Club!

Every week you’ll find a fun new homework assignment that will help you practice different skills that you will need when you go to Kindergarten.  We’ll practice our letters, numbers, shapes and colors and work on cutting, counting, matching and other exciting stuff!

So here’s how it works.

Just ask your mom or dad to print out my weekly homework assignments for you.  Work carefully and take your time doing each assignment.  When you are done, have mom or dad help you mail it to me.  I’ll take a look at what a fabulous job you did and send it back to you with a Scuba Jack sticker or maybe even a prize!  The more assignments you do, the more prizes you can win!

I can’t wait to get your first assignment! You can send them to:

The Adventures of Scuba Jack

16 Gibbs Hill Drive

Gloucester, MA