Woodland Place Child Care

Our programs are an extension of home for our families. Woodland Place nurtures the family, as well as the child. When children come to us, they experience the wonders of beginning school and the development of independence, while parents experience separation, and their first glimpses of their child’s academic potential.

Parents and teachers are united by the thrill of watching a child explore their surroundings, and experiment with their discoveries. Children are exhilarated by the pride of accomplishment, and the sense of self-worth they achieve as they learn and succeed.

The mission at Woodland Place is to develop high achieving students by providing a rigorous, hands-on, environmentally-based educational program that fully develops a child’s intellectual curiosity, interpersonal and collaborative skills, and self-understanding…

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Engaging Online Homeschool Learning for Preschoolers


With our interactive preschool programmes, find the satisfaction of online homeschool learning. Early childhood education is important; hence, at Scuba Jack, we provide complete preschool lesson programmes meant to immerse young brains. Among our resources are some preschool printable worksheets and printables that simplify learning and provide enjoyment significance

We offer a lot of resources for online homeschool learning for preschool. Teachers and parents can view comprehensive lesson plans covering all important parts of early education. Also, our selection of kindergarten printable worksheets assures that kids move from preschool to kindergarten.

Preschool instructors can also participate in professional development programmes, therefore improving their techniques and skills. Our preschool online learning materials are meant to help parents and teachers, therefore reducing the provision of high-quality education right at home.

Consider our virtual preschool program, which takes the classroom right into your house. Interactive courses and activities included in this program keep kids interested and eager to learn. Our goods meet all your needs, from daily lesson plans to supplementary activities. Scuba Jack offers innovative learning solutions to make your child’s education interesting and enriching.


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