The Benefits of Homeschooling With The Adventures of Scuba Jack

The Benefits of Homeschooling with The Adventures of Scuba Jack

Many parents of young children are considering homeschooling today. While making the choice to homeschool can be overwhelming, parents considering this path should know they are not alone. In 2011, there were over 2 million American homeschooled students, with that number increasing about 2%-8% each year since. Homeschooling families are diverse in their ethnic backgrounds, political affiliations, income levels, education levels, and reasons for homeschooling. These reasons can include, but are not limited to:
• Being able to individualize the curriculum for each child,
• Having the opportunity to enhance family relationships,
• Being able to take the classroom “on the road,” not being held captive to a specific location,
• Having options to use teaching methods that are not typical in institutional schools
Further, many families choose to homeschool to foster their child’s academic success. Statistics show that homeschooled students score above average on achievement and college admissions tests, and typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized tests.

Even though the numbers of American homeschooled students are increasing, and the benefits of this type of education are many, the steps in starting a homeschooling journey with a young child can still feel daunting. While there are many options and programs available, The Adventures of Scuba Jack is committed to being a PARTNER to families embarking on the adventure of homeschooling. This partnership gives families support and encouragement alongside a comprehensive learning program. Families that partner with The Adventures of Scuba Jack have considerable options in using the program and experiencing its vast benefits, including:

A Comprehensive Curriculum
The Adventures of Scuba Jack can be used as a primary homeschool curriculum for young children in preschool, kindergarten, and early grades. Its comprehensive components (including letter/number recognition, phonics, math concepts, sensory activities, and fine motor development) make up a thorough learning program for young children. Using The Adventures of Scuba Jack as a primary curriculum is a great option for families wanting a framework with a proven record of success.

A Flexible Option for the Eclectic Homeschool
Likewise, The Adventures of Scuba Jack is also a great option to supplement an eclectic homeschooling style. Many homeschooling parents are looking for flexible ways to educate their children, so they mix and match various learning tools. The Adventures of Scuba Jack is highly beneficial for this homeschooling method. The tools can be used on their own to cover specific subjects, or used as a supplement to enhance skills in a particular area.

Books and Technology Combined
The Adventures of Scuba Jack makes learning fun by combining books and technology. Students can learn through physical books as well as DVDs, printable online activities, and online games. These formats allow children to start interacting with technology to uncover new information while also reading engaging books and completing hands-on activities. These formats also give parents options in how to present new concepts based on how each child learns best. The Adventures of Scuba Jack even gives parents and students access to a FREE virtual classroom. This area has videos to teach students crafts, games, songs, and skills. The videos allow students to feel like they’re participating in a traditional classroom, while still being able to interact with their parents one-on-one to complete the corresponding activities.

The Support You Need
Beth, the creator of The Adventures of Scuba Jack, is dedicated to seeing homeschooling families succeed on their educational journeys. As a mother, school administrator, teacher, and reading specialist, Beth’s mission is helping children become proficient readers and enthusiastic learners. As your educational partner, Beth will help you navigate the waters of homeschooling with The Adventures of Scuba Jack to make sure your child thrives.

These features make The Adventures of Scuba Jack an ideal option for the homeschooling family. The program also compliments the reasons that many families choose to homeschool: being able to individualize the curriculum, enhancing family relationships, being able to take the program wherever you need to go, and giving students an academic edge. To start the homeschooling partnership with The Adventure of Scuba Jack or to get more information on homeschooling with the program, email


Lindsay Bayer, M.Ed. is an education consultant, curriculum developer, family yoga instructor, and children’s author. She has consulted for educational institutions across the United States and her children’s stories have been featured in Highlights: Hello, Highlights: High Five, and Ladybug Magazine. Lindsay resides in central Illinois with her husband and 5 year old daughter.

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