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Read To Me!

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The “Read to Me” series of books is a fun, exciting way for kids to get their nightly homework completed. Best of all, they can read along with the text during the reading of the book via slightly animated video. And a big bonus—each book comes with crafts and activities. This helps reinforce listening and comprehension skills.

Reward Program Keeping kids motivated is important at The Adventures of Scuba Jack. A motivated student reads more often, is more attentive, enjoys the experience more and improves his or her reading skills much faster. Each student Pre-K to Kindergarten receives a reward after Reading 20 books. Students 1st grade to 5th receive a reward after Reading 10 books and answering the questions at the end of each chapter or book. Once this is completed they get to spin a prize wheel packed with rewards and treats.

Story Books

Our Story Books are fun, engaging and kid tested in our classrooms! These beautifully illustrated stories are guaranteed to become a childhood favorite.


Tom Brady: A Winner On and Off The Field

How Greta Thunberg Shows That We Can All Make a Difference in Our World

How Kylie Jenner Shows the Power of Bravery, Creativity, and Following Your Passion

Why Cam Newton is a Real-Life Superman

Dolly Parton: A Historical Singer Who is Making the World a Better Place


It’s OK to Say No to Your Child

The Power of Earthing in Child Development

How “Trophy Culture” Does Long-Term Damage to Our Children

Why Presence is One of the Greatest Gifts That We Can Give Our Children