Educating Children Is My Passion!

My name is Beth Costanzo. I’ve been in early education for more than 25 years, and ran my own ocean-themed childcare center. Many kindergarten teachers in my local area of Massachusetts kept informing me that students of theirs who had spent time at my center always had a grasp on basic things like letters and numbers, and were more prepared to continue learning. That’s when the decision was made to open the program to more and more children, and “The Adventures of Scuba Jack” was born.

A complete learning program designed for kids ages 2-11, “The Adventures of Scuba Jack” has chapter books, activity books, DVDs, and a plethora of web-exclusive content to help your child start their quest for knowledge, and have fun doing so.

Our Characters


Scuba Jack is an underwater adventurer filled with knowledge about the ocean and its many inhabitants.

Professor Galaxy is the resident genius who appears on the scene when Scuba Jack needs help answering the mysteries of the universe.

Paco the Pelican is a talking pelican from Puerto Rico who teaches the children a new word in Spanish each day.

Ideal for

Children 2-11 years of age.

Preschool Printable Worksheets

Letter Recognition & Phonics

Number recognition & Math Concepts

Shapes and Colors

Fine motor and Sensory Activities

4 Episodes of the Adventures of Scuba Jack