Animal Walks

I’ve had fun inventing our own games at home as well. We like to play one we call animal walk where we try walking like different types of animals. You can teach your child to walk like a bear or a crab and move around the house. Or even race around the house if you’re flexible enough to get into some of those awkward positions and race. I’ve done it, but I found myself with a few sore muscles after bear-walking my way around the living room for ten minutes.

Pretend To Be Animals!

Usually, kids like to pretend to be lions, tigers, bears and other animals. Through animal walks, children can pretend to be a tiger walking through the forest, at the same getting brilliant health benefits. Animal walks serve to be excellent way to improve the gross motor skills of kids. It helps them in strengthening, balancing, motor planning, endurance, flexibility, and much more.

Make it fun for your kids. Let your kids make sounds of animals. Dress them up like animals as they perform the animal walks. You can even make them up any tale about the animal that they are pretending to be. Also, you can pretend to be different animal and take your imagination go to the deepest depths of the forest, desert and ocean! It’s your time to be creative and teach your kids animal walks.

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