Avoid Summer Brain Drain

As the school year begins to draw to a close and the children head out to play, we must remember to keep the learning coming. During the months of summer vacation, all children experience a phenomenon known as “Summer Learning Loss.” What happens is that since they’re not in school, they stop learning. Studies show that on average children digress in their academic levels by 1 month over the summer. Due to this, testing that is done at the begging of the school year has significantly lower scores than testing done at the end of the school year.

Brain Working

We need to remember that learning does not stop when school gets out. There are many activities that you can engage in with your children. It will keep their education going but still provide all the fun of summer. Trips to museums and zoo’s and aquariums are fun for the whole family. It will help to keep your child’s brain working while they play.

At home, keep your children engaged in learning, especially reading. Summer learning doesn’t have to be challenging or academic. Storybooks and activity books are fun. They help to keep your child’s mind stimulated and active, without the stresses of school. The Adventures of Scuba Jack has several story and activity books that will help in doing so, and they are perfect for the whole family to engage in and learn with.

During summer time, teachers bid farewell to their students. They hope that their gleeful escape do not make them forget all that they have learned and acquired during the school year. It is the time for the nervous parents to take the challenge of keeping their kids mentally active and busy physically during the long summer days. The Adventures of Scuba Jack activity books will make the most of your lazy summer days with summer learning.

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