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Back to school is here again.  The carefree days of summer are fading and signs of fall slowly cropping up. Before you know it, you’ll be filling backpacks with school supplies, packing lunchboxes, and waiting for the school bus. Now is the time to start preparing your child for the transition. Beyond the basics of school clothes shopping and buying supplies, here are some important things you can do to prepare your kids for back to school.

Adjust to a School Year Schedule

After a summer of staying up late and sleeping in, getting up on time for school is tough for kids. Set your family up for success by easing into earlier bed and wake up times a few weeks before school starts. And practice getting ready in the morning to make sure you’re allowing enough time. Back to school means getting back to a schedule.

If summer has been a time of snacking and grabbing meals on the go, it’s useful to set up a meal and snack schedule to ease the adjustment to scheduled meal times at school.


Healthy Eating Habits

While you’re adjusting the family to regular meals and snacks it’s a good time to plan what you’ll be eating once school starts.

Will you be packing school lunches? What will you be including? Will lunches be made the night before or in the morning? Will your kids be making their own? Talk to your kids and make a plan together.

You will also want to think about breakfast. You will need some simple healthy breakfast recipes to help your kids start their days off right.

Medical Forms and Sports Physicals

Many schools send out a packet of forms to fill out prior to the start of school. Take the time to fill these out before they’re due. You’ll likely need immunization records and emergency contact information to complete the forms.

If you’re planning to sign your child up for a fall sport, schedule their sports physical to ensure they are eligible to play.

Haircuts and Grooming

School clothes shopping is a highly anticipated event for many kids because they want to start the new school year looking their best. In addition to updating wardrobes, schedule your kids for haircuts and make sure to trim fingernails and take care of any other grooming needs before the first day of school.

Talk it Up

No matter how excited your kids are to start the school year there is likely to be some nerves. Give kids a chance to talk about their feelings but avoid making anxious or negative statements of your own.

Prepare your child for a positive experience by talking about how excited you are for all the fun they are going to have. Shopping for clothes and supplies, getting haircuts and other school preparation activities are a fun way to build up excitement for the coming year.

If your child is struggling with the transition from summer freedom to fall schedules, make sure to include some fun activities to soak up some of the last of summer before school starts.

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