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Seahorse Booklet and Crafts 2020

Here is a delightful Seahorse booklet with crafts   Seahorse Craft 1 Seahorse Craft 2   Have Fun! Ms. Beth

Dare To Be Different.

Don’t Conform to the Norm We are brought up in our schools to conform; to be the same as everyone else. It has gotten to the point now where some of our teachers are not allowing children to win prize...

Letter D Dinosaur 2019

Dinosaur Fun With The Adventures of Scuba Jack

Preschool Graduation With The Adventures of Scuba Jack 2019

Preschool Graduation With The Adventures of Scuba Jack and Woodland Place 2019

Must-Know Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Childcare

If you’re a working parent, you may feel like the COVID-19 pandemic has turned your life upside now. Now that you’re working remotely and watching your kids at the same time, you’re finding yourself t...

Killer Whales

Killer Whales   Watch Movie Here! shutterstock_1017836806

Great White Shark Video With Activity Booklet 2020

Great White Shark Video! Great whites are the largest predatory fish on Earth. They grow to an average of 15 feet in length, though specimens exceeding 20 feet and weighing up to 5,000 pounds have bee...

Life & Times of a Seahorse

Aren’t seahorses amazing? Gather round and listen to our seafaring tales at the Adventures of ScubaJack. Many of the world’s most fascinating sea creatures are some of the biggest. Creatures like the ...

July 4th Salute

  Hip Hip Hooray! Its Independence Day! Celebrate July 4th with us at the Adventures of ScubaJack and join the journey with our well-traveled virtual field trips. Holidays are more fun when Histo...

Ocean Ping Pong Game to Win A Prize!

Ping Pong Ocean Game to Win A Prize How Super Cute and Fun Is This?

Ocean Fun Activities!

Ocean Fun Activities! These are fun to make and offer hours of enjoyment!  

Author of our Independence

Celebrating our historical heritage this July 4th and the author of our Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. Join us at the Adventures of ScubaJack for this Holiday field trip. By issuing th...