Letter “D”, Dynamic, Dinosaur Activity workbook-ages 3+

Letter “D”, Dynamic, Dinosaur Activity workbook-ages 3+


Dinosaur Activity workbook: Today we are exploring the Letter “D”. D is for Dinosaur! Rooooaaarrr! You will count, color, trace letters, and words, practice writing skills and more!
Letter D-Dinosaur
Letter D-Dinosaur

Letter “D”: Matching at an early age

By learning to mix and match related items at an early age, preschoolers will be better prepared for both reading and math in the future. For example, children who master the skills of matching in preschool will be well equipped to match letters to sounds in kindergarten and beyond.

Letter D-test your memory
Letter D-test your memory

Letter “D”: Memory development

Memory development not only takes you back to experiences that hold meaning, but it is a complex cognitive ability that is important in many aspects of thinking and learning. Complex cognitive ability is important in language, literacy, planning, following directions, problem solving, reflecting, imagining, and the overall ability to form a positive sense of self.

Letter D-counting
Letter D-counting

Letter “D”: Counting activities

Activities that involve counting have been shown to to be very effective for helping young children understand the concept of numbers. Young children  prepare to engage in and benefit from preschool exposure. This will help them before they are taught arithmetic in an organized manner.
I hope you enjoy our Letter “D” activity workbook. Explore the pages and have fun on your own adventure back in time. Learn some fun facts about Dinosaurs, who they were, and what they looked like, and what they ate. 
Please come back tomorrow and explore some more fun topics! Hope to see you here!
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