The Very Cute Beluga Whale ages 3+ and Beluga activities

The Very Cute Beluga Whale ages 3+ and Beluga activities

Some Fun facts about the Beluga Whale:

A Beluga Whale weights around 3500 pounds, and grows as large as 18 feet long. Wow that is big! Along with their massive size, a Beluga whale is known for their high pitched calls. These calls are high- frequency noises that a Beluga Whale uses to communicate with each other. Through things like clicks and and whistles, they help each other navigate the ocean, and gather food. (they work together, that’s so nice)

Where do Beluga Whales live? 

You can find Beluga Whales in some of the coldest waters, they like to spend the summer months in deep waters near Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Russia. Beluga Whales migrate away from these locations to find open sea during the winter months. 

Beluga Whale's amazing tail
Beluga Whale’s amazing tail

What does a Beluga Whale look like:

Beluga Whales have distinctive bodies, they are one of the few animals that has a completely white or grey color. It also has a very special tail fin, that has a recognizable curve. 

This Beluga looks like it is saying Hi!
This Beluga looks like it is saying Hi!

How can we help our Beluga Whale friends:

Ultimately, Beluga Whales are considered to be endangered. As humans, it is our job to make sure they continue to swim in our oceans. This is what we can do to help. 

Our management actions to protect beluga whales include:

  • Protecting beluga habitat.
  • Minimizing effects of noise disturbance.
  • Responding to stranded beluga whales.
  • Developing disaster response plans in the event of disaster.
  • Reviewing projects that could harm beluga whales and/or its habitat.
  • Monitoring subsistence harvests.
  • Educating the public about belugas and the threats they face.

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