The Fascinating Whale Shark workbook ages 3+

The Fascinating Whale Shark workbook, ages 3+

This workbook contains many fun facts for kids, coloring, beautiful pictures, counting tracing, and many other fun things to do!

The Whale Shark, and some things about them: 

First of all, on average, a Whale Shark is approximately 30 feet long. roughly the size of a school bus.  They also weigh about 20,000 pounds, as heavy as two elephants.   The Whale Shark is not only the largest Shark, it is the largest fish in the ocean, and the largest back boned animal that isn’t a mammal. 

Whale Shark
Whale Shark

What does a Whale Shark look like:

Whale Sharks are beautiful creatures, they have pale yellow spots and stripes on their bluish skin.  These spots and stripes are unique to individual Whale Sharks. This means no Whale Sharks stripes and spots are the same.

Whale Sharks

Why is it important to teach children about ecology and conservation of the ocean?

While educating children on ocean ecology and conservation is necessary for the ocean’s future, doing it right is not as easy as it sounds. Too often, environmental education becomes heavy-handed and falls into the “homework” trap, making everything feel like a chore. Kids don’t like chores. Kids like to have fun.

I hope you enjoy our Whale Shark workbook., where learning is fun!

Find out more information about Whale Sharks and how we can do our part to save our giant friends. 

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