Fun, Woolly Mammoth Educational booklet ages 2-6

Woolly Mammoth Educational booklet ages 2-6

Whats in the Woolly Mammoth Educational booklet:

Dive into the Educational booklet and start your adventure into the world of the Woolly Mammoth. This booklet contains fun facts for kids, pictures, cave art from long ago, and recent discoveries!


Fun Facts about the Woolly Mammoth:

The Woolly Mammoth lived during the last ice age. They lived from about 5 million years ago to about 4,000 years ago. During its existence on earth, the Woolly Mammoth was found on continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

The Mighty Woolly Mammoth

New Discoveries about the Woolly Mammoth: 

One of the more exciting discoveries occurred in 2013. In that year researchers found a frozen Woolly Mammoth with a pool of liquid in Siberia. The Woolly Mammoths name is Buttercup, and she died when she was in her 50’s. Researchers stated that Buttercup’s trunk was the most preserved Woolly Mammoth trunk that has been found in history. 

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I hope you loved our Woolly Mammoth booklet just as much as I do! Remember to download your very own booklet, and let the adventure begin! Have a great day!