The Amazing Letter A workbook, ages 3-5

The Amazing Letter A workbook, ages 3-5

When Exploring each workbook with Scuba Jack, learning is always fun!!

Amazing Letter A: Projects

We have many projects for you to explore. The letter A is for Apple. You can make Apple prints, Basket of Apples, Apple tree, Make an apple and much more!


Amazing Letter A: History

You will learn Apple History: The Story of Johnny Appleseed-(His real name was John Chapman, and he was born in Leominster, Massachusetts. 

A for Apple
A for Apple

Amazing Letter A: Math

Next, we will explore Letter A Math. Which includes the Number 1, Apple counting, Apple sizing, Apple sequencing, and Apple patterns. 



Amazing Letter A: Writing

Writing includes tracing the letter A, Capital and lower case. Tracing words, coloring the letter A- lowercase and capital.

Amazing Letter A: Science

Senses: Use site, taste, smell, and touch to compare different types of apples.  Seasons: Compare pictures of Apple trees in different seasons. 

Amazing letter A: Reading great books

The Giving tree- Shel Silverstein, The seasons of Arnold’s apple tree- Gail Gibbons, How do apples grow-Betsy Maestro, Apple picking time-Michele Slawson,  The Apple pie tree-Zoe Hall.

Amazing Letter A: Gross motor and Fine motor

Gross Motor:

Apple races- put an apple in a large spoon, race from point A to point B without dropping the apple. 

Fine Motor: 

Tracing and cutting activities

For our full apple curriculum go to:

For more Fine motor sill activities explore our Scissors activity workbook:

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