The Hammerhead Shark, distinctive, yet terrifying-ages 3+

The Hammerhead Shark, distinctive, yet terrifying- ages 3+

Hammerhead Sharks are known for their distinctive appearance. Most likely you find them intimidating or even terrifying.

The Hammerhead Shark:

Hammerhead Shark booklet and activities
Hammerhead Shark booklet and activities

Looking at the Hammerhead Shark, you can see that it’s head has a signature hammer shape. It is flattened and laterally extended. Ultimately their heads are distinctive and unusual. One theory is that their heads have a hammer like shape because it may have enhanced the Hammerhead Shark’s vision. 

Hammerhead Sharks circleing
Hammerhead Sharks circling

Hammerhead Sharks fun facts:

Along with the unique shape of their head, Hammerhead Sharks can be quite long. The shortest Hammerhead Shark is about 3 feet, while the longest can be around 20 feet long.  They can also be very heavy, weighing up to 1300 pounds. Hammerheads have a light grey color and a green colored tint. Hammerheads bellies are white, which can help it blend into the ocean, allowing it to better approach prey from above. 


Hammerhead Sharks, where can you find them:

Hammerhead Sharks can be found near several countries. For example, Hammerhead Sharks have been seen near Columbia, The Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Eastern Africa. Most likely you wont be seeing Hammerhead Sharks in the wild unless you go to one of these exotic locations. 

Hammerhead Shark
Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark species:

There is a wide range of species of Hammerhead Sharks.  Some of those species include the Scoop head, the Winghead Shark, the Carolina Hammerhead, and the smooth Hammerhead. The Winghead, the Scalloped Hammerhead, and the Great Hammerhead are considered endangered species. Humans are working hard to keep the Hammerhead Sharks from going extinct. 

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How do we save the Hammerhead Shark? In the U.S., the Shark Conservation Act of 2010, which was signed into law in January of 2011, makes it illegal to remove any of the fins or tail of a shark at sea, to be in possession of shark fins which are not attached to the body, or to receive from or transfer the fins to any other vessel at sea.

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