Beautiful Jelly Fish booklet ages 3+

Beautiful Jelly Fish booklet ages 3+ and workbook

Beautiful Jelly Fish Booklet contains many fun facts on the Jelly Fish.  Start your adventure by learning about the Jelly Fish. How big can they get, what do they eat, and where will you find them. The workbook contains a craft, letter tracing, a coloring page and counting practice. 

About the Jelly Fish:

The Jelly fish is a complex and beautiful creature, and there are plenty of fascinating facts about them. The Jelly Fish is a free swimming creature that is known for its beautiful appearance and dangerous tentacles. 

Very large Jelly Fish

How big can a Jelly Fish get:

Jelly Fish have a wide range of lengths.  They can be as small as one millimeter, and as large as 7 ft.  Looking at the animal itself, you can see that it has an umbrella-shaped bell, with tentacles below the bell. 

Beautiful Jelly Fish

Where can you find Jelly Fish:

Ultimately, you can find Jelly Fish all over the world.  They mostly live in salt water, although there are some Jelly Fish that live in fresh water. 

Jelly Fish
Bright Jelly Fish

What do Jelly Fish eat?

They feed on organisms like crustaceans, plankton, fish eggs, and even other Jelly Fish.  Some of their predators include Sharks, Swordfish, and Tuna. 

I hope you enjoy the booklet, and have more fun with our workbook!  Scuba Jack, where learning is fun!

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