Beautiful, fascinating Leopards booklet, ages 3+

Beautiful, fascinating Leopards booklet, ages 4+

Leopard fun facts, and Leopard activities all in one booklet. See beautiful leopard pictures and learn about where they live, what they eat, and who are their predators.

Some fun facts about Leopards:

The leopard is widely known for its distinctive black spots. These spots are gathered in groups called rosettes. Along with its black spots, the leopard has a skin color that ranges from a pale yellow color, to a dark golden color. It also has a white belly. 

Leopard workbook
Leopard workbook

How big is a Leopard:

Leopards are fairly large creatures. Males are larger than females. Leopards’ head and body length are approximately 35 to 77 inches long. Leopards also have large tails that measure 26 to 40 inches long. The heaviest leopard found in the wild weighted 212 pounds, but male leopards generally weight about 175 pounds. Leopards usually live to be 12 to 17 years old. 

Where can I find Leopards:

Leopards are often found in Africa and Asia. Specifically you can find them in countries like South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Laos. As you can tell, leopards like living in warmer climates. They feel at home in the Savannah and Rainforests. 

Leopard spots
Leopard spots

I hope you enjoy our Beautiful, fascinating Leopards workbook.  Explore all the fun facts about this amazing creature, and then dive into the Leopard activities.  This is a Leopard craft, fun coloring pages, counting, tracing and a maze to find the Mama’s baby cubs. 

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