Awesome Tiger Panthera Tigris- ages 2+

Awesome Tiger Panthera Tigris-ages 3+

Some fun facts about Tigers:

This workbook contains many fun facts about Tigers, so lets explore the world of Tigers. Did you know?  While the orange tiger is the most frequently known, there are actually three other color variants for tigers. These types of tigers are much more difficult to see in the wild, because of reduced tiger populations. You most likely will be an orange tiger if you visit your local zoo. 

Tiger Variants: 

There are also white tigers, golden tigers, and stripe less snow white tigers.  In terms of height and weight, male tigers are always bigger and heavier than female tigers. Male tigers are 8-13, and weigh between 200 to 700 pounds. Females on the other hand are 7-9 feet, and weigh between 140 to 370 pounds.  Male and female tigers both have long tails. Those tails measure between 2 to 3.5 feet.

White Tigers
White tigers

Baby Tigers: 

Female tigers usually give birth to 2-3 baby tiger cubs at a time. but some female tigers may give birth to 6 cubs at once. The cubs are born with their eyes closed and they weigh about 2-4 pounds.  In fact tiger cubs eyes are closed for about 6-14 days before they open.

What else is in the tiger workbook:

The Tiger Panthera Tigris workbook also contains: Lots more fun facts, tiger activities which include: tracing, counting, help the cub find his family maze, word search, dot to dot, puzzle, and tiger craft. 

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I hope you enjoyed our Tiger Adventure, don’t forget to download your own tiger workbook! 

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