The Beautiful Caterpillars and Butterflies workbook ages 3+

The Beautiful Caterpillars and Butterflies workbook ages 3+

The Caterpillar to Butterfly workbook teaches you about the life cycle of a butterfly. The journey takes you from tiny lava, chrysalis to butterfly. You learn as you discovery the butterfly and it’s life.

There are also many crafts to discover as you learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, things to color, count, match, put by size and much more!!  

Beautiful Butterflies

What do Caterpillars eat:

Caterpillars, the larvae of butterflies and moths, feed almost exclusively on plants. You will find most caterpillars munching happily on leaves, though some will feed on other plant parts, like seeds or flowers. Caterpillars do not drink water. They normally obtain sufficient fluids from the food plants that they eat. Outdoors, many overwintering caterpillars benefit from rain or other moisture reaching the them.

How long does it take to go from Caterpillar to Butterfly:

9 to 14 days. In just 9 to 14 days the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is complete. Through the chrysalis, the day before the adult emerges, you can see the orange and black wings of the Monarch butterfly inside.


How long is a butterfly in a cocoon:

About 8-12 days. The pupa of a butterfly is called a chrysalis rather than a cocoon. The difference in the structures is that many moths spin a layer of silk for protection and this structure is called a cocoon. They remain in the chrysalis for about 8-12 days, depending on temperature.
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