Brand New- -Letter Q Video w/FREE Activity Workbook Download ages 3-6

New-Letter Q Video w/FREE Activity Workbook Download ages 3-6

Letter Q sounds:

The letter Q has two sounds and is always followed by the letter U. For most English words the pronunciation of the qu is actually a combination of the K and the W. But there are a few words where the qu sounds like a K without the W.

Letter Q-Alphabet Games Increase Letter Recognition Skills

Hold up signs of different objects, and ask children what beginning, or ending sound they hear.
Write the alphabet on the whiteboard, in large letters, and have children point out the letter you state. Break Up Your Lessons. Many lessons, especially when you’re introducing a new topic. Give Your Students Choices. Get Up and Move.
Alphabet Flash Cards

Letter Q recognition for struggling students:

If students are struggling to remember the letter sounds, it’s possible that they need a little extra practice with phonological awareness skills. You can set aside a few minutes during small group to work on skills like isolating the first sound in a word (i.e. you say “sun” and they have to say the first sound, “S”.

Here are some activities to try: Begin with books. Reading to children is often the best way to reinforce letter-sound connections. label it. Provide labels, captions, and other print wherever they serve a purpose. Build a word wall and add to it daily. Provide lots of letters to play with. Display labeled photos.


What is letter sound identification?
Definition. Letter/sound identification is recognizing upper and lower case letters and identifying appropriate sounds for each letter symbol. Students often learn letter names before they learn letter sounds. Although it is sometimes advised to leave the teaching of letter names until after the sounds of letters have been learned, it makes sense to teach letter names early in the phonics program
Reading to children is often the best way to reinforce letter-sound connections. You can help by pointing to the print as you share picture books. Alphabet books are especially useful, since they often include pictures of words that begin with the letter name. Reading fluency is essential for good reading comprehension. What can help: Word recognition can be a big obstacle for struggling readers. Average readers need to see a word four to 14 times before it becomes a “ sight word ” they automatically recognize.
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