Must-Know Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Childcare

If you’re a working parent, you may feel like the COVID-19 pandemic has turned your life upside now. Now that you’re working remotely and watching your kids at the same time, you’re finding yourself taking calls with a toddler playing at your feet and answering emails while your school-age kids ask for help with their virtual assignments. It’s not easy to get a handle on childcare and professional projects, but these resources will help you nail down a productive schedule, keep your house tidy, and even take time to relax!
Maintain Your Productivity
Between juggling conference calls, family meals, deadlines, and domestic chores, you’ve got your hands full! Here’s how to stay productive and tackle your responsibilities.
● Talk to your partner about  dividing family obligations fairly so that neither of you feel overworked.
● Research strategies that will help you complete your work efficiently, like creating schedules for your kids and designating a private home office space.Learn how to soundproof your work space so that you can clearly hear your team during
video meetings and phone calls.
● Need an extra set of hands on board to prevent family chaos? These tips will help you safely hire a babysitter without exposing your household these COVID days.
Entertain Your Children
While you’re busy during the workday, your kids will need things to do. These tips will help you ensure your kids are entertained when you can’t watch them!
● Encourage your children to spend some quiet time reading alone. You can even create a home library with fun and entertaining books, worksheets, videos games and quizzes from The Adventures of Scuba Jack
● Hook your kids up with gear and gadgets specifically designed for children in their age groups.
● Go over sharing rules with your children to prevent fighting over certain toys or games and stave off chaos.
● Teach your kids about the importance of using their “inside voices” while they play during your work week!

Reduce Stress and Manage Conflicts
These resources will help you keep your cool in tense situations, prevent sibling arguments, and even treat yourself in the midst of busy weeks.
● If the day spirals into chaos, implement tried-and-true conflict resolution strategies for families.
● Focus on emotional regulation skills with your children so that they can soothe themselves if they get upset when you’re not around.
● Make sure your kids know how to clean up after themselves – this will help you enjoy more downtime in the evening.
● Finally, take some time for personal self-care. You’ve earned it!
Working remotely and taking care of your kids during the day is demanding, and if you feel like you’re out of your depth, it’s normal. But over time, you’ll be able to make this new system work for your family. With impeccable time management, you can even manage to enjoy extra free time with your kids and your spouse.