Zebra Fun Facts

  • A zebra lives in Africa.
  • No two zebras will have the same stripes.
  • A zebra can run up to 40 miles per hour.
  • A herd of zebras is known as a zeal or dazzle.
  • The common zebra can weigh up to 770 pounds.
  • A zebra’s skin is actually black under the white ‘coat’.
  • The Grevy’s zebra is the largest zebra, standing about 5 feet
  • When a zebra and a horse mate, a horse is produced.
  • Zebras are herbivores and almost feed exclusively on grass.
  • A theory as to why zebras have stripes is it helps camoufl­age them from predators in tall grass.


This wild, horse-like animal lives in large herds across Southern and East Africa.  Zebras can travel long distances to search for water and food.  Did you know that a group of zebra’s is called a “dazzle?”  Also, Zebras are black animals with white stripes.

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Zebra Activities for Kids!

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