Accepting children 15 months to 5 years of age.

About Beth Costanzo

My name is Beth Costanzo and I have been teaching children for the last 20 years. I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it. Simply put, I can't imagine doing anything else! Growing up I was always the "Pied Piper" of children. They always gravitated to me, and I always had a few fighting to sit next to me. I feel that my unique bond with children is definitely a gift. I realized over the last year that my gift should never go to waste. It is my goal to create a Preschool/ Childcare Center that helps children to be successful in school and beyond!

Mission Statement

The Mission of Woodland Place Childcare Center is to provide a learning environment that helps children grow and succeed, by providing developmentally appropriate experiences, all within a safe and nurturing environment.


Recent research on brain development shows the importance of the early years. Quality experiences in children’s early years are critical for further social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. To provide quality experiences, knowledge of child development is essential. Equally important, the knowledge of each individual child is required to make decisions about curriculum.

  • What does this child already know?
  • What might this child be ready for and interested in next?

The learning environment at Woodland Place is highly academic. While we recognize the value of free play, and provide ample time for this type of activity, much of our day is devoted to age-appropriate learning activities that involve the body, mind and senses of our students.

The formal curriculum at Woodland Place is based on Guidelines set forth by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Common Core Standards. These are a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in the areas of language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science and fine arts. Using these foundations as the core of our curriculum provides a solid, coherent foundation of learning and provides an easier transition into Kindergarten.

Our Natural Environment

Nature itself is one of the most fascinating classrooms ever created, and we recognize that our natural environment provides countless opportunities for learning and discovery. Therefore, our daily curriculum includes outdoor exploration. It is our hope that discussions concerning the inter-connectedness of plants, animals and people and the environment will foster the development of ecological awareness and a sense of responsibility toward all living things. We believe in capitalizing on the awe and wonder of childhood, and using it to help our students gain greater knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Every aspect of our curriculum, whether traditional or natural, creates developmentally appropriate learning environments and opportunities that empower children to become confident and successful lifelong learners who can think independently and can solve problems.

Toddler Program

Young toddlers grow emotionally and intellectually through experiences with rhythms, patterns of sound, light, movement and texture. Our Toddler Program is conducted in an environment filled with sensory delights. Interesting colors, tactile experiences await the young toddlers that come to us.

We at Woodland Place understand that children of this age need to bond emotionally with their caregivers. Providing our young toddlers with a nurturing environment filled with smiles, songs and individualized, one-on-one conversation is the first step towards developing secure, trusting children who are eager to learn.

We have opportunities for sensory-motor exploration and discovery within our facility. Large and small motor experiences as well as sensory and cognitive experiences are maximized by age-appropriate learning centers. Ours is a stimulating environment that responds to a child’s efforts and actions, providing them with their first successes and thereby laying the foundation for self-confidence, pride and self-worth.

Pre-school Program

Pre-school children are like sponges. They soak in the world around them, using their emerging skills to explore their surroundings, process their discoveries and learn from them. Our Preschool program prepares children for a lifetime of academic success by offering children and their families’ early learning readiness experiences and comprehensive child development programs.Children take great delight in developing a new skill and preforming it repeatedly, for anyone willing to watch and cheer for them. We consider ourselves privileged to have the opportunity to experience these thrilling moments with our students.

The Pre-School Program at Woodland Place offers a broad range of experiences designed to assist the children in developing and expanding their skills and capabilities. Our goal is to provide the children with the knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in Kindergarten. As with all of the programs at Woodland Place, we provide hands-on learning centers that continue to build on a child’s knowledge and skills in the areas of language, science, math, computers, art music and dramatic play.

Preschool Assessments



Full Day is 8 hours. Any hours over 8 hours is $6.50 per hour.

Number of Days Toddler Program Pre-School Program
1 Day $68.00 $64.00
2 Day $120.00 $112.00
3 Day $168.00 $156.00
5 Day $260.00 $240.00
5 Day $260.00 $240.00

Half day Program (4 hours)

Number of Days Toddler Program Pre-School Program
1 Day $48.00 $44.00
2 Day $88.00 $80.00
3 Day $120.00 $108.00
4 Day $160.00 $140.00
5 Day $192.00 $168.00
Woodland Place Child Care Center
  • Weekly Workbook Fee is $5.00
  • Weekly Friday Pizza Fee is $3.00
Each tuition payment must add $5.00 per week for a weekly tuition book.

Registration Fee of $75.00 is due upon enrollment. Also, one week’s tuition is also due upon enrollment. This will be used as the last tuition payment of the year. Additionally, tuition payments are due on Friday of each week. A late fee of $10.00 will be added to any payments not made prior to 5:00 pm on Friday afternoon.

School Vacations (We are closed 4 weeks per year)
  • Christmas Week-Begins the day before Christmas Eve, and returning the day after New Year’s.
  • April Vacation
  • 4th of July Week
  • Last week of August before school begins.

Martin Luther King, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Snow Days- Woodland Place makes every attempt to stay open for our families. We will notify you in the morning if we are open or closed.

Holidays and Sick days are paid.

Please keep in mind:
  • There is a $5.00 fee per week for the printing of our workbooks. Please add this fee to your tuition check.
  • If your child attends on Friday and wishes to eat pizza with us, there is a $3.00 fee. Please add this amount to your weekly tuition check.
  • Snow Days, Sick Days and Holidays are paid days.
  • We shut down 4 weeks per year: April Vacation week, 4th of July week, the before school starts in August and the week between Christmas and New Years.

Your Child Needs These Items Daily:

  • Change of clothes-labeled
  • Lunch Box-labeled
  • Water Bottle-labeled
  • Diapers and Wipes (if needed)
  • Sun block-labeled
  • Bug Spray-labeled
  • Sleeping Bag (if you stay during nap time) labeled please.
  • We recommend this sleeping bag. It can be found on Amazon.


Beth has been instrumental in the education foundation of all three of my boys. A nurturing environment with fun activities that inspire the love of learning. As a family we had such an amazing experience!

~ Andrea M. Toppan ~

Woodland Place provided an amazing foundation to my children’s education. Many friendships and memories were made by my children. In addition the love and support from all staff was outstanding. Over ten years have passed since our children graduated from woodland place, but they still reflect back on amazing experiences..

~ Pam Murray ~

Good Luck Beth!!! The website looks great!!! You and your staff took great care of Sophia when she was only 3 months old!!! We had a good experience with you for 2 years. I can’t believe Sophia learned sign language at a young age .You are such a loving..

~ Teresa Imbrunone Ferrara ~

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