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Christmas Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Snowman
Do you want something festive to do during the Holidays? Are you entertaining and need something to occupy the kiddo’s time. Here is a great craft to do at home or in the classroom!

Looking for a Grandma or Grandpa Gift that is sure to please?

Reindeer Ornaments

Here is a super cute way to say I love you! Easy to make and can be used as a super cute decoration for the tree!

Reindeer Toilet Paper Roll
I love crafts that are made from items found in my house. We collect toilet and paper towel rolls. I save all of ours in my home. My kids have their own small tree and I let them make their own ornaments and place them on the tree.

Advent Calendar
I have always wanted to purchase an Advent Calendar or make one. I thought this was cute, but I would definitely make it more decorative! (I would also fill it with trinkets my class would love)

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Beth 🙂

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