Cooking, Baking and Making Treats

I’ve found cooking with kids from a very young age is interesting. Most children can pour in pre-measured ingredients or help stir a mixture for a variety of baking projects by the age of two or three. With age appropriate supervision around heat or sharp utensils you can enjoy making treats and snacks together to share. Check out a few fun and simple kid-friendly snack recipes included at the bottom of our printable worksheet,40 Ideas for Winter Fun.

Spend Time

When you’re struggling to find time to spend with your child after a full work day or busy evening of activities, include your child in your dinner preparations. Just like with baking, allow them to pour in ingredients or stir something. Even if all they can safely do is watch, you are still creating opportunities to connect and talk about your day with each other.

It’s true that kids find kitchen as a fascinating place. They watch adults working in there, see the rising steam from utensils on stove, and they smell what they are up to have on the menu that day. Also, the older kids are intrigued by the way meals come together. Obviously, you cannot ask them to come into kitchen every time, but you can do so when time allows.

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