Cutting and Gluing Projects

Cutting and gluing are great skills to practice during arts and crafts time to work on those fine motor skills. Try creating an underwater scene with our Scuba Jack Swimming Project or coloring and cutting out our Whale Sizing activity. You can talk to your kids about the picture they are creating or help them with theirs while together you make up a story about the characters.

Benefits of Cutting and Gluing Projects:

Bilateral co-ordination: Projects that include cutting gluing makes the child use both the hands together. While they continue to grow, this skill becomes significant in other phases of their lives such as writing and much more.

Self regulation: Gluing requires waiting for drying. Definitely, this is a great time for the kids to show patience and self control. Such projects are a great way promoting flexibility in kids.

Fine motor co-ordination:
Fine motor co-ordination is necessary in drawing shapes, cutting patterns, as wel l as while writing. Also, it reflects in different things like eating, dressing and academic setting.

Boosts self-esteem:
These arts and craft projects initially boost the skill level of your child. When they successfully complete their task , they get a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

Bonding: Children will love to spend time with you creating the thing together

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