Dance Party

Family dance parties are another way to help get the wiggles out for young children and sneak in some exercise for mom and dad too. Dance party for kids is a common sense solution. Of course they are fun! Everybody experiences the ability of music to change a bad mood into good at any time. Also, it scientifically proves that it increases bonding, reduces stress, improves fitness and boosts self esteem. Dancing develops emotional closeness and the babies feel it too. Babies pick up the beats and finds pleasure moving along it.

Advantages of Dance party for Kids

The following are the advantages dance party for kids:

  • Brain structure:
  • Higher fit kids have large brain volumes in basal ganglia and hippocampus that relates to greater performance on memory tasks and cognitive control as compare to their less fit peers.

  • Brain function:
  • There are differences showing in the brain scans of fit versus unfit children for the activities requiring concentration. It is shown in the scans how the brain gets lighted up differently in more active children as compared to less active children.

  • Structural integrity:
  • White matter structural integrity is high in higher fit kids which is associated with quick and efficient signal communication throughout the brain.

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