Halloween Counting Worksheet

Halloween Counting Worksheet

Teaching about Numbers and Counting
Many children enter preschool with some knowledge of numbers and counting. They can count five to ten objects accurately and can also read some numbers. But many other children have not developed this knowledge. These children in particular need many opportunities to learn the words for numbers, to count things, and to learn to read and write numbers.

You can help your children to learn about numbers and counting in many ways, including these informal ways:

Make pointing to and counting objects part of your daily routines.

As you pass out the juice cups at snack time, point and count the cups; as you pass out pieces of paper for an art project, point to the paper and count the pieces; count the children’s boots as you help take them off; count the stairs as the children walk down them.

As you point and count, get the children to count with you. Children need to hear and practice things a lot in order to learn them.

Happy Halloween!

Have Fun!

Ms. Beth

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