FREE Letter”T” Activity Workbook Download

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Are you looking for letter T activities to use with your preschooler or kindergartner? Maybe you’re a classroom teacher browsing for more ideas. We offer you the Letter “T” Activity Workbook for your kids.

Learning the alphabet is one milestone that we tend to mark as an indication of a child’s successful entry into the world of reading. A child who can name all the letters in the alphabet by the end of kindergarten will be equipped with an important foundational stepping stone toward recognizing sounds and printed words. It is important, however, to understand that at this age learning the letters is just one of many prereading skills that are important for your child to acquire.

FREE Letter “T” Activity Workbook helps in teaching the crucial alphabetic principle to the growing minds. All of it’s pages consist of pictures and words representing the featured alphabet. Use this activity book to make the children familiar with the objects starting with the target alphabet and sound. You will be introducing them to the concepts of print. This mini activity book is very simple that has pictures appealing to the kids and easy to read repetitive words that the helps kids read themselves on hearing it several times.

FREE Letter “T” Download HERE

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My goal is to give you a giant set of learning activities to choose from. Pick and choose what works for you and your child. Whether you’re doing Letter of the Week or simply giving more focus to a particular letter, you’ll find lots of ideas for hands-on learning!

Learning Letter T

Book List
Fine Motor
Sensory Play
Math Connections
Letter T crafts
Worksheets for kids

Have Fun!


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