Go For a Walk or Bike Ride

When the weather allows I enjoy going for a walk or a bike ride with kids. Outdoor walks are a great time to talk about the environment around you and to explore nature. It has the added benefit of getting you both a little exercise.

While a bike ride with kids consider the following things:

  • Ride as a team
  • Take breaks
  • Go light
  • Listen to music
  • Choose the roads wisely

Have fun while riding

You can always have fun to bike ride with kids together as a family. It’s a healthy and an excellent way to do something involving everyone which finally gives you an extreme sense of achievement. If you have never gone on a bike ride with kids before, you can first start with a small journey. Do not look at it as simply just a journey, but you should move with an aim to reach somewhere that everybody likes. With your kid, you can ride to a playground, a beach or café. You can take help of older children to decide the spot where they usually like to visit. Possibly, you could combine the bike ride with kids to visit a museum, castle, or the cinema. Whatever you decide, prefer short ways for your bike rides together.

Lastly, you should not forget patience as well as a sense of humour. The kids will not be long before they will be waiting for their dear one to catch up with them.

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