Halloween Ghost Counting

Halloween Number Practice

With preschoolers, make every day activities and events a counting exercise, the best way to learn is when you don’t even realize you’re learning something at all. Whatever you are doing there is something to be counting, at dinner “how many people are eating; one, two, three, four, etc. So, how many cups do we need? Four. Then count the cups, plates spoons or forks, etc. When you are driving, “How many signs on the side of the road are there from here to grandmas? Count the signs as you are traveling. In the doctor’s office, “how many people are waiting in front of us? The possibilities are endless, you can incorporate a counting exercise with everything you do.
Your child will pick counting up within weeks and begin counting things just like you. Expose your child to online or printed worksheets that incorporate counting and the counting process. Usually when children are in this age group you don’t want to go beyond 20, as this tends to be confusing for children. Unless your child is advanced in the counting game then you can absolutely introduce the counting of ten’s to your children.

Main points to address:

games and math worksheets into your child’s life.

Make every day activities a counting exercise.

Have a Fabulous Day!

Ms. Beth


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