Halloween Treats That Are Fun to Eat

Halloween Treats That Are Fun to Eat

Halloween is a fun time of the year for parties and gatherings. It is a time of year for costumes and trick or treating. I just came back from a day in Salem, Massachusetts and my son and I had an amazing time. We walked around and learned some history, ate some great Mexican food and enjoyed a candlelit tour. The decorations were amazing and ghouls were lurking on every street corner if you dared to take a picture with one.

We were walking down a street passed the old cemetery and saw some fun Haunted Houses to send a shiver down your spine. My 12 year old son opted out of these frightening experiences.

Halloween is in full-swing, and while kids love to dress in costumes and cause mischief, parents dread the thought of all the leftover candy and the tremendous amount of calories that accompany the day.
But Halloween is actually a great time of year to begin practicing balance and mindfulness when it comes to eating, since it’s the official kick-off of the holiday season. Remember, it’s alright to indulge in treats, just don’t forget to practice moderation.

To keep kids from loading up on candy, the trick is to fill them up with cute and appealing, but also healthy Halloween snacks. Try serving these snacks at your Halloween party, or just for your family before you hit the streets for treats. These options are clever enough to tempt kids’ palates but low on sugar.

Here are some fun idea’s to do at home or to bring to your next party. I used these because they are more healthy for kids and adults.

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Have Fun!

Ms. Beth

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