Holiday Crafts

Any upcoming holiday crafts for children or changing season can provide new craft ideas. At Easter, my daughter and I cut eggs out of colored construction paper and colored them. Additionally, we also glued a collage of shapes to the eggs that we cut out of paper scraps. In the fall I like to do crafts involving leaves and changing colors. Our Moreover 40 Ideas For Winter Fun printable includes several unique ideas for making snowmen or snowflake art including the always popular cutting snowflakes out of coffee filters and also hanging them around your house as winter decorations.

Thanksgiving is coming up and presents some fun holiday themed craft ideas. Even my kids have made handprint turkeys in previous years with some paint and construction paper. We’ve also cut out and colored pilgrims and cornucopias and used them as decorations for the holiday.

Inspire Creativity With The Following Ways:

Get ready for a mess!: You can set up space for art where your child can be free to mess!

Avoid to give away directions: Don’t give directions regarding what and how to make things. Rather than asking to paint a rainbow, you can encourage the kid to experiment on mixing the colors using the different papers and brushes.

Explore your kid’s process: Ask the kids about how did they make the thing and did they enjoy making it. In this way, you can encourage conversation about your kid’s art.

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