The Adventures of Scuba Jack

The Adventures of Scuba Jack is an on-line educational tool covering Pre-School, Kindergarten and Reading.
It is popular as a homeschool curriculum, an afterschool afternative to tutorting and for summer skill building.
Our Program Main Focus:
• Preschool
• Kindergarten
• Reading/Reading Tutoring

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Since opening The Adventures of Scuba Jack in 2010, we’ve spoken with hundreds of parents who choose homeschooling for many different reasons. Regardless of the circumstances that led them there, we noticed that they all have at least one thing in common: they want what’s best for their children.
If you are just beginning the world of homeschooling, or perhaps your feeling a bit unsure, and maybe even over-whelmed, you are not alone! It is perfectly normal for new parents/families to feel this way at the beginning. It is also normal to have a list of questions about our program.
Here is a FREE Massachusetts guide to help you understand the world of Homeschooling.

How do I use The Adventures of Scuba Jack as a Homeschool or Supplemental Program.
The Adventures of Scuba Jack is a great homeschooling partner. As part of the partnership, we feel it is important to let parents know that there are certain state legal requirements that parents must adhere to.
Watch our video’s and download the activity that is associated with that video. It’s that easy and like being in a classroom.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at