How Many Are There? A Halloween Counting Worksheet for Kids

How Many Are There?

A Halloween Counting Worksheet for Kids

Here is a fun, Halloween counting worksheet for kids

Counting seems so simple—we hardly give it any thought. However counting is the foundation for many mathematics concepts and
procedures. It is also important because it is one of the first math concepts young children learn. You can help them learn AND enjoy counting!
Even young children have the desire to “count” things in their early exploration of the world. If children develop an early understanding of the
many aspects of counting, they will have an advantage when they begin to study mathematics in school. Early counting experiences give parents
wonderful opportunities to help children explore and practice this basic skill. Because young children often want to count, you can often try counting with children as young as one. You will know right away if children are notready for counting; they simply won’t be interested. If your young child is not interested in counting, don’t worry; wait a month and then try again. The first counting you do with your children should be fun, like playing a game. It’s very important that both of you enjoy early counting experiences.

Happy Halloween!

Have fun!

Ms. Beth

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