Learning to Write in Preschool

Teaching a child to write their name is the first step in literacy for a young child. It should be an enjoyable, engaging experience for a child.

A child’s writing typically goes through several stages, beginning with scribbling. From there, children tend to write using more letter-like shapes and later, a child may create a piece of writing that includes random strings of letters. It is important to recognize that each effort of crayon to paper has value.

Get out a small white board or a piece of paper, whiteboard pens or markers. Sit the child down at a table and sit next to him/her. Put the paper/whiteboard and the pens/marker in front of the child. First, write their name for them on the paper and explain that this is how you write their name.

Then write their name so that they can trace it. Have them trace a few times until they get the hang of it. Practice this skill each day! Over time this will continue to improve.
Here are some great worksheets that will help improve a child’s writing skills.

Lined Paper for Writing Your Name

Alphabet Tracing

Have Fun!
Beth xoxo

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