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Have you ever wondered what the difference between frogs and toads is? Actually, toads are a type of frog. Toads usually have bumpy skin that is drier than a frog’s. Toads also are more likely to live on land. But frogs and toads have a lot in common.
Difference Between Frogs and Toads Image – Science for Kids All About Frogs and Toads
A comparison all about frogs and toads.

Frogs and toads both start life in the water. Their mothers lay eggs in a puddle or near a stream. The fathers fertilize the eggs and sometimes move them to a wetter place. The fathers carry the eggs in their mouths or even on their backs. After the eggs hatch, the tadpoles or polliwogs, as they are sometimes called, live in the water for several weeks. They have a tail like a fish and they breathe through gills.

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