Letters and Numbers

If your child has been working on letters and numbers, alphabet and counting games can be a lot of fun. You can even play an online game with your child. I love when my kids are having fun and learning new things at the same time.

Make them learn

It is very important for our children to learn letters and numbers. Most of us can’t even remember a moment when we were away from our letters. Hence, it sounds senseless to worry about you will be teaching your kids. The ABCs are the basis of language. So, to make our children literate, we should teach them to recognize the alphabets along with the numbers. Also, you need to teach them the sounds associated with every letter. Once the child gets armed with knowledge, he then walks well on the road to literacy.

Learning the letters and numbers should begin early in a kid’s life. While there are some kids who don’t learn letters till the time they begin schooling. This is not recommended. Also, your child can play in a number of ways with numbers. The concept of numbers set the foundation in kids to learn more advanced concepts of maths. When you give early exposure of numbers to your kids, it will promote their comfort with these skills. The child’s confidence will increase if he becomes familiar with these basic concepts.

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