One Book Sold

Our Vision

We believe that all children should have access to quality books.

We believe that reading leads to a greater success in school and increased opportunities in life.

We believe the ability to read empowers children to achieve things they never thought possible.

We believe that lives are transformed by providing high quality books to children in need.

1 Book Sold =1 Book Given

Can a book change a child’s world? We think it can! Like ripples radiating across the surface of a pond, these small actions, reaching children, can build to generate hope and change in a child’s life for the better. Can you imagine the tremendous sense of joy when a child receives their first book?

Did you know….

  • Reading to young children helps prepare kids to succeed.
  • It helps develops language skills.
  • It is also a wonderful bonding time with your child.

Our mission is simple: 1 Book Sold=1 Book Given

Buying a book means giving a book and making a meaningful difference in a child’s life. Our books reflect our values and teach empathy and compassion that is needed in today’s world. Give the gift of Reading, the rewards last a lifetime.

Start Your Reading Adventure Today!