Our Books Help Struggling Readers

Do you have a young reader at home or in your classroom who is struggling and reluctant to read? As a teacher and a literary specialist, I’ve worked with many kids who are just that.  And I’ve watched them grow into enthusiastic and confident readers.

The key to turn a reluctant reader into an enthusiastic reader is to provide engaging, action packed stories to excite a reader.  Our books convert even the most hesitant reader to a life long love of reading.

Books should make a child laugh, smile, and transport to faraway lands.  Our Chapter Books come with a workbook helping to ensure comprehension.  Also, colorful illustrations add a visual of fun that make our readers want more.

Our books are high interest/low level reading books motivating struggling readers by providing action packed stories targeted toward their reading level.  High/low books help build reading fluency, vocabulary, and interest in reading.



Ms. Beth

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