Physical Activities and Imaginative Play

About Activity

My kids, like many children, constantly crave motion and an outlet for getting the wiggles out of their energetic little bodies. I like to incorporate physical activities and imaginative play in our time together frequently.

Physical activities play a vital role in the quality life, well-being and health of people and it is especially important for small kids. Additionally, early inculcated habits lasts a lifetime. Children of the age 5 to 11 accumulates at least an hour of moderate intensity daily physical activity. It’s even better to have more.


You can help the kids become active by following the below tips:

  • Encourage walking
  • Get them skateboards, kids bike or ask them to run rather than a ride
  • Let them walk the pet with you
  • Have them carry the groceries
  • Replace the TV set and computer with something active
  • Encourage them to dance on their favourite music
  • Take them to the park or playground
  • Encourage them to join the school sports team
  • Reduce screen time

Even in the after school time period they need to be active because every step counts!

Health benefits

  • An opportunity to socialize
  • Increased concentration
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Improved fitness
  • Good academic scores
  • Better growth and development
  • Better balance and posture
  • Reduced stress Enhanced self-esteem
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