Play Dough or Sand

To start with something simple, you can make play dough and spend some time rolling it out or pretend baking with it. You can also build things out of molding clay or sand if you have some available. Make your kids play dough or sand.

Sensory play is such an activity that stimulates the sense of touching, smelling, seeing, listening and tasting. There are different types of play sets available in the market that are especially designed to stimulate the sensory activities in kids. The play dough or sand are the most common toy sets that helps children in developing their sensory and motor skills simultaneously.

The play dough or sand teaches kids how to mold and create different shapes. Also, these toys support the kids to learn through playing and imagination. Also, it strengthens their small muscles of fingers at the same time. Young kids, with the help of these toys, learrns to express themselves and the ideas they have through art. They feel proud and competent about their accomplishments. Furthermore, it helps them in removing stress and anger. Play dough or sand is a real fun toy among the young kids. It is a versatile sensory material that comes in different colors. The kids can combine them to make different creations.

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