Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschool Lesson Plans

Many teachers use Preshcool lesson plans as an outline of what will be covered and also taught to their students  for an entire school year. Additionally, the Curriculum Standards outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act outlines the concepts needed to be learned prior to entering Kindergarten. Using Lesson plans helps a teacher stay on track and helps make sure students are covering all the required learning. Preschool lesson plans are committed to provide the preschool teachers with everything they require to create preschool activities and lesson plans for their classrooms all in a single place. Moreover, it is fun, engaging, hands-on, and interactive.

Furthermore Preschool students are at an age where they are mastering many skills. It is the job of the teacher to prepare a child for Kindergarten. A wide array of subjects  include colors, shapes, numbers, letters, Pre-Reading, Science, Social Studies and much more! The preschool lesson plans are fun that gets kids ready for kindergarten and tackle necessary early learning skills. The activities included in the plan ensures that you meet your goals to support the level of growth and progress of every child.

The Extreme Preschool Adventures of Scuba Jack has spent a considerable amount of time aligning the lesson plans with the Massachusetts State Standards.

Lesson Plans Units may Include:

Back to School














Shapes and Colors



Outer Space



And Holidays

The more your child is excited about school, the easier it will be to transition to Kindergarten. Finally, your child is probably ready to start Kindergarten if he or she can:

  1.  Get along well with other students.
  2. Handles emotions in a positive way.
  3. Recognizes letters, numbers, shapes and colors.
  4. His/her attention span is long enough to listen to a story.
  5. Can follow simple rules and directions.
  6. Can use the bathroom by himself/herself.
  7. Has developed some fine/gross motor skills.

Beth Costanzo M Ed. Has been a teacher for 20 years and the creator of the Extreme Preschool Adventures of Scuba Jack  which is an online resource for parents to help prepare their children for Kindergarten and beyond.




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