Scuba Jack Saves the Universe Chapter Book w/Activity Workbook Helps With Reading Comprehension



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Scuba Jack Saves the Universe Chapter Book w/ Activity Workbook helps Struggling, Reluctant Readers with Reading Comprehension

An ordinary being must use his newly-attained gifts of magic in a struggle to rid Majestic Harbor and the world of evil. During his quest, Scuba Jack encounters danger and adversity but continues with humor and determination on his noble journey to restore peace in the universe. The Gods of Olympus and its mythological creatures are alive and well as they embark on this salty, sea adventure. Scuba Jack battles ferocious mythological creatures that time has forgotten, and ventures to the Magical Mermaid Kingdom of Delmare, to help rid Majestic Harbor of thousands of sea demons whose blood-curdling screams terrify all who encounter them. He learns how to wield magic from the tap of a wand and a Spell Book belonging to Hades. Watch as these fantastic forces collide for a fascinating epic battle where good triumphs over evil. Remember, with great power comes great FUN and with magic, all things are possible!

Our chapter by chapter activity workbook has true and false, open ended questions and also word definitions for kids to complete. These type of activities helps students understand what they are reading.
Scuba Jack Saves the Universe is a hero's tale of adventure and discovery.

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