Quiet Down Song

Quiet Down Song:

Now it’s time to quiet down!

Quiet down, quiet down.

Now it’s time to quiet down,

That’s much better!

It Calms The Kids

Songs and rhymes are a great way that helps your kid developing his communication and language skills. It’s never too late to begin rhyming with your kid. It is a real fun and an excellent way to know each other. The communication skills of kids progress at varying rates. There are different things with the help of which the parents can help their kids develop the abilities to read, write as well as communicate efficiently.

Sing along with your kid. A child loves the sound of his parents’ voice; no matter if you aren’t the best singer! Your magical voice can soothe and calm your kid. On forgetting the words, you can make up your very own variations. The time you and your kid spend singing together makes a memorable moment. By doing this, you are actually giving the child a sense of excitement and joy about language. This naturally boosts their urge to read and write.

The Quiet down song helps the children to learn to play with the words. It tune their ears to the sounds present in the word. On hearing the different sounds, kids come to know how the words combine together to form a word.

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