Read a Book

story time with grandpa

Reading a book together has been a favorite way to spend time with my kids since they were babies. It’s relaxing for us both and a great way to cuddle and enjoy some low-key entertainment together. Many books also include life lessons and can provide a natural way to open a discussion on topics you want to teach your child about. If you’re dedicating ten minutes to read a book or so a day you can have your young child choose a picture book. Or read a chapter a day with an older child. This can also be a fun way to introduce your kids to some of your favorite books from childhood.

Reading Is Vital

Reading is one of the most essential fundamental skills kids must master in order to succeed in school as well as in their lives. Whatever we do involves some form of reading and it’s without any doubt, one of the finest practices that stimulates intellectual development in children. It expands the vocabulary of children. The habit to read a book is an exercise that improves comprehension and improves reading fluency. Reading at an early age relates directly to a kid’s academic success in future. There is a simple fact which says the more you read, the better you become at it.

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