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I have wonderful memories from my childhood. My dad sitting with my sister and me every Sunday to read the Funnies in the newspaper. Comic books are also appealing to lots of kids with their familiar characters and action-packed story lines. If you have a reluctant reader this is a great way to show them the fun of reading.

Comics For Kids Are Essential

Small kids best respond to visual cues. Therefore, it is natural for them to draw attention to comic books and graphic novels. Comic book has images giving context to dialogues in the blurb and this is very important for reading comprehension. While there are children who find difficulty with plain text because they are unable to understand what the author is conveying to them.

Children develop contexts through interesting visuals in comics for kids that they catch in their brains for word association later. Also, the graphic novels and comic books are great for children with learning disabilities or special needs. For instance, kids suffering from dyslexia will be able to read through a comic book without having trouble of page after page of plain texts. In this way, their confidence boosts up and they become desirous to read more. Comics for kids is a child reading material that is provided to them at their literacy level that do not embarrass them.

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