Science Experiments

Does your child love science? Check out some of the easy and fun experiments you can do at home on our 40 Ideas for Winter Funprintable. Activities on the list are as simple as each taking an ice cube and seeing who can find ways to melt theirs the fastest.

Or think back to the science experiments you did when you were a child. Did you ever make a battery out of a potato? Or grow a sunflower seed in a cup? There are so many amazing things we can teach our kids with these simple activities. And it makes the time you spend with them fun and special for both of you.

The benefits are vast for kids of all ages. Science experiments helps in developing resourcefulness of kids, especially their skills at problem solving, goal setting and planning. Additionally, it fosters intellectual curiosity which helps the kids to acquire new ways about asking questions to understand the world.

Science experiments are great activities for kids while they are at home. When they accomplish it in after school environment or at home, they are free to discover their interests which often leads to educational activities or fascinating hobbies.

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