Sea Creature Graphing for Preschool Age Students

Sea Creature Graphing for Preschool Age Students

A while back, I talked about the four things that I wanted to have more of in my classroom in order to promote more math opportunities:Graphing

Today (finally) I’m going to talk about graphing.  One of the reasons that I like graphing so much is that it gives my class a real-life, relevant reason to use math concepts.  Once we graph something, it only makes sense to count elements from the graph, as well as to compare and contrast them.  Plus, it gives everyone a chance to participate – there is a piece of everyone on every graph, and their piece is important.

Really, there are two main things that you have to consider when you make graphs.  One is subject matter: What are you graphing?

The second is format:  How are you going to display your graph?

Here is my fun graph for Preschoolers!

Ms. Beth

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