Sea Creatures “Who Am I” Game!

Sea Creatures, Who Am I Clues


I have a mustache and long tusks coming from my mouth. I have wrinkled brownish pink skin and flat flippers. I also have a lot of fat (or blubber) to keep me warm in the cold Artic Waters.


I have a flat body, short tail, and a very thick shell. I have claws and I can go on land and in the water. Did you know that I have five pairs of legs? Even though I eat both plants and animals….people love to eat me!


I dive and swim in very icy waters, I am known to have a snowy white coat…..especially when I am young. I don’t have feet but I do have flippers. How long can you hold your breath? I can hold mine for two hours!


I am the biggest predator in the ocean. My jaw is one of the most powerful on the entire planet. My teeth are very sharp and I can have thousands of teeth. I also have gill slits on the side of my head.


There are 30,000 species of me….and lots of kids want me as a pet. I am covered in scales and even slime to help me move quickly through the water. Even though I have taste buds all over my body….humans sure do like to eat me.


Even though I look like a snake I am actually a fish. My blood is toxic so if you want to eat me you better be careful. I tend to live in holes or pits in the water. I can swim backwards and forwards and can even go on land for short periods of time.


I am flightless bird with black and white feathers. Please don’t laugh at my waddle; that’s how I always walk. I love to eat fish, squid, and Krill. I also enjoy diving off cliffs, and sliding on my belly.


I have two eyes, four pairs of arms (that’s 8 arms), a hard beak, and my mouth is at the center of my arms. I have two rows of suckers that line my tentacles and help me taste my food.


I am a reptile with a lower and upper shell that helps protect and shield me. When I am scared or being attacked I hide in my shell. I lay my eggs in the sand and I leave them to hatch on their own.


I look like a fish but my slippers are paddle-shaped. My tail fins help me propel through the water. Below my skin there is a layer of fat called blubber. I breath through a blow-hole located on the top of my head.

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